In recent years, Little Audrey’s sauces has received several awards around the country;
including the Fiery Food Challenge,
American Royale, and the
Great American Barbeque.

The awards we have received are a wonderful tribute to the woman behind the sauce. Audrey Gannon created Little Audrey's Gourmet Hickory Sauce for her Tastee Treat ice cream shack in a small town in northwest Kansas. Although the little "fast­food" restaurant has been closed for years, the famous sauce has been on the world-wide market for quite some time. Because of a high demand to bring back the family-based recipe, Audrey's daughter, Nyla Domsch of Colby, took up the hickory sauce making about six years ago under the name of "Saus Haus, Inc." Nyla has worked hard at production and marketing.

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